Understanding prescripto app

This one page tutorial will give you a basic understanding of prescripto app. However, we recommend that you explore and take your time to understand all the features.

This tutorial is basically a screen recording series and not professionally made. Please pardon us for the quality and noisy background (sometimes). For any doubt or query, please send a mail.

Whatsapp business has a similar look and feel of the regular whatsapp with some extra features.

Please note that prescripto only gives the tool to empower you for online consultation in various ways but it does not control the actual platform. So you are free to use email / phone or any other app. So that the patient does not have to download another app.

As a main mode of consultation, we prefer whatsapp because of its simplicity , wide availability , acceptability as well as security because of end to end encryption. Also various surveys have indicated that Whatsapp is the first choice among doctors as well as patients for teleconsultation among developing countries. Here we recommend certain steps on designing your e-clinic profile in whatsapp business.

  1. Set timing for clinic > you can do that opening settings > business profile > schedule . You can also set the status as "by appointment only"
  2. Edit your business profile with photos and other details just like Google business.
  3. In the catalog section you can specify items with their price. Like consultation with price 300, add also your logo there.
  4. Of course in the privacy section you should hide the last seen status for everyone.
  5. Now in business settings , create automatic greetings and away message (that will be automatically sent if someone messages you outside your scheduled time)

Please note that it is not mandatory to use whatsapp in order to use prescripto. But we some specific integration that works only with whatsapp like in the e-clinic set up, the patient’s message is sent to your whatsapp business number only.

This screen recording shows basic overview and introduction to prescripto app.

Watch this screen recording to understand how can you use multiple methods to write a prescription in prescripto app.

After you write the prescription, you can easily send it to your patient for free or as a payment link. This screen recording gives you a brief overview.

This screen recording gives you a brief overview of creating booking slot and managing appointment booking in prescripto app.