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Our AI medical service offers detailed interviews to uncover root causes of your health problem, suggesting lifestyle changes, diet tips, and minimal medications for just 99 INR. Start from an initial free assessment below.

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  • Detailed Interviews
    Our AI conducts in-depth interviews to understand the root cause of your health problem, often overlooked in busy clinics.
  • Holistic Approach
    We recommend lifestyle changes, diet modifications, and non-pharmaceutical therapies to promote overall wellness.
  • Minimal Medication
    When necessary, we suggest minimum or OTC medicines, focusing on natural solutions to minimize potential side effects and unnecessary financial burden.
  • Start with a free consultation
    Get a free initial assessment online instantly with our service available 24/7. Taking full consultation is completely optional.


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  • After that you will get a session ID. Please take a screenshot before making the payment.
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  • If the chat interface does not open even after successful payment go to our self serving kiosk to resolve payment dispute. Here you will need the session ID that you took the screenshot of earlier.
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    Regular pricing by AI is 99 INR. However, it may vary due to certain factors.

    We have no fixed pricing for partner doctors (in case, we refer you to someone). Because, each doctor in our partner network can set his/her own fee. If the doctor wants, he/she can provide the consultation for free as well.


    About us

    Myskinmychoice is a tele-dermatology service that connects you with a qualified dermatologist through whatsapp.

    How does it work ?

    Send your request in WhatsApp and follow the instructions.

    If your problem can be solved online, the dermatologist will chat with you and will send you a prescription link.

    You need to pay the consultation fee to view the prescription.


    Cancellation / Refund policy

    Medical consultation is not a tangible good and therefore not refundable. However, if you are not satisfied with a particular doctor after consultation you should let us know by email or whatsapp.

    In certain cases, when you have paid the consultation fees , but unable to view the report, you should visit the self service kiosk or write to